Associations, Organizations and Conferences


Groups you can join and conferences you can attend to advance your learning and career.  

Audio Design, Service and Rental

Companies that will design your audio system, repair your audio gear, or rent you audio gear. 

Audio Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors

Companies that manufacture audio gear, and their distributors. 

Backdrops, Sets and Scenic Supplies

Hardware, paint, canvas, coating material, set rental houses, and everything else you need to build or rent your perfect set. 

Books, Music and Multimedia

Whether its how-to guides, design studies or CD’s and DVD’s, you’ll find where to get all your content here. 

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Box Office Supplies

Companies that supply software, hardware, tickets and more for your box office. 

Featured companies:

Consultants and Architects

Theatre consultants and architects for when you need to build or renovate a space. 

Costumes, Wigs, Makeup and Costume Supplies

Companies that will help you get dressed, coiffed and properly made-up for your performance. 

Drapery and Tracking

All those who supply the soft goods for your theatre. 


Schools, colleges and training programs for acting, designing, building and everything else. 

Summer Study Directory

Educational opportunities for students and professionals during the summer months. 

Flooring and Seating

Marley floors or foam chairs—if you walk on it or sit in it, it’s here. 

Lighting and Electrical Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors

Companies that manufacture lighting fixtures, cabling, power distribution products, and the companies who sell their gear. 

Lighting Design Service and Rental

Companies that will rent design your lighting package, service the lights you already own, and rent you temporary lighting and electrical gear. 

Platforms Risers and Stagelifts

Manufacturers of seating and staging platforms, risers, and stage lifts of all types

Plays and Musicals

Play and musical publishers and licensers. 

Featured companies:


Companies that manufacture projectors, screens, video servers, LED video panels and more. 


Props manufacturers, props rental houses, and companies that manufacture and supply gear for creating your own props. 

Rigging and Safety Equipment

Companies that manufacture rigging gear as well as those that consult on rigging design and safety, and safety equipment manufacturers. 


All the computer programs you need to do anything in theatre quicker, better and easier, including: CAD and design software, off-line lighting editors, stage management software, apps, and more 

Special Effects


Companies that supply snow or rain, fog or flying—and anything else that you can cook up—that gives your production that extra pop. 

Stage Automation

Companies that provide stage automation services, including everything from hydraulic lifts and pumps, to turntables, winches,  computerized control packages and even building automated sets.

Theatrical Retailers and Suppliers

Companies that will sell or rent you anything and everything you need to put on a show, including expendables, rigging hardware, costumes, makeup, and more. For audio or lighting distributors, rentals, or service, please see those categories.

Tours and Travel

Companies that cater to theatre lover travel. 

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