Founded in 1994, ZFX, Inc. is the complete service provider for Flying Effects. They don't just handle the rigging or flying harnesses. They're not just skilled at automation, choreography and flying design. ZFX covers every aspect of flying possibilities. From High Schools to Broadway, Churches to Special Events, ZFX zealously pursues its goal of worldwide domination of the performer flying industry. (Galactic domination coming soon.) Their infectious enthusiasm comes at no additional charge. They don't wake up and put their pants on one leg at a time like the other guys. They wrap themselves in kilts and stride boldly out into the world. ZFX offers: Performer Flying; High Speed Hoists; Scenic Automation; Automated Flying Systems; Touring Flying Systems; Aerial Acts; Manually Operated Systems; Corporate Shows and Events; Custom Harnesses; Spectacle Flying; Safety Consultation
611 Industry Road Louisville, KY 40208
P: (502) 637-2500
Listed in: Theatrical Retailers and Suppliers, Stage Automation, Special Effects, Rigging and Safety Equipment


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