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Rand Consulting and Design

RCD works with high school theatres to streamline tech operations, mitigate liability, train teachers, enhance student learning and reduce expenses.

Teqniqal Systems, LLC

Independent Consultants Specializing in Performing Arts Technology and Safety.

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1033 South Blvd. Oak Park, IL 60302

Teqniqal Systems, LLC

Independent Consultants Specializing in Performing Arts Technology and Safety ● Systems Designs for Sound, Lighting & Dimming, Rigging, Video, Projection, Draperies, Stage Machinery, Orchestra Lifts, Orchestra Shells, Pit Fillers, and AV Controls. ● Facility Design Consulting for Acoustics, Noise Control, Sightline Studies & Seating Layouts, Control Booths, Specialty Millwork, Catwalks, Wire Tension Grids, Follow Spotlight Decks, Shop Facilities, and Performance Facility Space Planning. ● Safety Consulting for Stage Rigging Inspections, Fire Curtain Inspections, Facility Safety Assessments, Safety Training, and Event Safety Planning. ● Venue types include Theatres, Gymnasiums, Cafetoriums, Stadiums, Arenas, Convention Centers, Religious Facilities, and other assembly spaces. ● Blogs: www.TheatreSafetyBlog.blogspot.com
P.O. Box 167546 Irving, TX 75016

The Sextant Group, Inc.

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700 Waterfront Dr. Ste. 200 Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Theatre Projects

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47 Water St. South Norwalk, CT 06854

Thorburn Associates, Inc.

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20880 Baker St. P.O. Box 20399 Castro Valley, CA 94546

Trizart Alliance

5524, Saint-Patrick Suite 505 Montreal, QC H4E 1A8

Trizart Alliance, Las Vegas

528 S. Casino Center Blvd. Suite 300 PMB#566 Las Vegas, NV 89101

TSG Design Solutions, Inc.

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1860 Forest Hill Blvd # 103 West Palm Beach, FL 33406